I have been looking forward to this day. I have always had the ability to walk in to an unfinished space and see the potential, but there is still nothing like seeing it firsthand. When we first selected this location for Work2gether it was hard not to be overwhelmed by the carpet. An old pinkish-reddish, dirty, rippled, occasionally stained throwback to a time I'd rather not return to. At 2,200 sq feet and nothing to block it, the carpet had no other option but to take center stage.

When we decided we wanted to create a really cool modern industrial space we naturally gravitated towards concrete floors. However, the fear of what lay under that carpet, and even more so under the adhesive, began giving us nightmares of what it could possibly look like when everything was exposed. 

Turns out, we didn't have worry. With the carpet gone, today we began the process of grinding off the adhesive and bringing back to life the concrete that has been covered up for decades. We are excited to see the finished product.

Here is the ugly carpet

Carpet gone, good. Seeing this, bad. This gave me flashbacks to a similar home kitchen remodeling project. It quite possibly was the worst expreince of my DIY life until we found the right tools.

Seriously, this doesn't look like fun... but it will be worth it!


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