Imagine the atmosphere and flexibility of a coffeehouse without the noise, distractions, and unprofessionalism. Combine that with the privacy and resources of a corporate office without the stuffiness and monotony. Throw in the convenience and comfort of working from home minus the isolation and the fact your employer doesn't believe you are actually working anyway. That intersection is called coworking. Whether you are looking for a home office, opening a satellite office, or providing corporate coworking options, there are many reasons shared workspace makes sense; here are the top 5. 


Flexibility comes in multiple forms; from other locations to workspace zones. Gone are the days of the cubicle, open floor plan only, and traditional executive suites. Providing your employees flexibility is the new norm.

Flexible locations: Giving workers the opportunity to choose where they get their work done is one of the hottest trends in 2017 and is quickly becoming the norm among companies of all sizes, types, and across cities. According to a recent Harvard Business Review, your employees will "thrive" in a coworking space. In addition, Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, GE, and KPMG are turning to the workspace-as-a-service industry to allow execs to focus more on the business, rather than managing long-term real estate costs. Better than working from home, coworking gives your employees a professional environment and services they need to stay productive, and companies the peace of mind that their employees are not distracted with their employees working from home.

Flexibility throughout the day: Completely open floor plans can sometimes be huge, distracting places where productivity plummets and workers lack privacy. However, mixing open areas where employees can collaborate, along with the option of private work areas, results in the best balance of sharing without sacrificing production.71% of people who work in a coworking space see an increase in creativity and 62% report an improved standard of living.

Collaboration & Creativity

It's simple; more interaction, ideas, concepts and thinking often lead to more innovation, creativity, and a more profitable business. We gain new ideas from interacting, collaborating and competing with others. A setting that brings different groups together and encourages interaction is exactly the type of environment that spurs growth. According to GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference) people in coworking spaces are 84% more engaged & motivated, 80% turn to other members for help or guidance and 89% are happier. 


Fewer formalities and distractions equal more productivity. Being surrounded by other hard working professionals like you can also give you that extra boost of motivation. Having access to professional amenities like a fully equipped conference room, printing services, and mail services all help you make the right impression while increasing your productivity. It is no wonder a global study by Deskmag and Deskwanted, showed 74% of coworking members reported being more productive.

Here are some other productivity stats that will blow your mind:

  • 64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time
  • 68% said they were able to focus better while coworking
  • 62% said their work had improved

Work-Life Balance

According to a recent survey, 70% of people working in a coworking space reported they felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office setting. Maybe this has something to do with all of the stress that comes from a traditional office setting, or maybe it’s because coworking spaces have more initiatives to promote wellness.

We all know the importance of a work-life balance, but unfortunately, a lot of today’s workplaces and home offices don’t have an environment to support that. With amenities that promote a healthy work-life balance such as walking/biking to work, being dog-friendly, providing activities for mental breaks, flexibility in work hours, and even free coffee, beer, and snacks, you’re able to do your job in a healthier, more relaxed environment. When you’re healthy, you’re naturally going to be more productive, so it’s a win-win.

And if you are self-employed or working from home, coworking distinguishes a separation between the two, where home is distinctly for personal life, and the coworking space is distinctly for work. It helps you eliminate home distractions, gives you are routine, makes you get up, get dressed, and get out of the house. 


One of the major perks of coworking is the opportunity to share in office costs. Compared to the costs of a traditional office space, the membership fees associated with a coworking space can warrant serious savings. If you are considering coworking for your employees, in addition to the build-out, rent, and operations expense, your company saves on technology infrastructure, furniture, amenities and remediation costs. If you are a working from home (or at the coffeehouse), make sure you are factoring in your costs of those cups of coffee at the cafe, printing costs, internet and phone service, and all of those other misc. home office expenses. At the end of the day coworking just makes financial sense.


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