You have driven or walked past the sign for years. So much so that you have become numb to the fact that the building behind it has been vacant for years. Buildings and businesses have blossomed all around it, and yet, there it sits, smack-dab in the middle of main street; empty. A continual reminder of vibrant downtown that once was, and is trying hard to be once again. A space formerly occupied by the legendary Charles News Agency, has lied dormant waiting for its turn at a new life.


If you had noticed it at all, the only thing that seemed to change was the sign in the window calling out for another chance. And then one day the awning came down. You noticed doors were open. There was something going on inside. Curiosity got the best of you as you cupped your hands around your eyes and pressed your face against the window. You couldn't help but wonder, what was going on inside?

By now you've heard that a new chapter is being written for this storied location. Soon the doors will open to a new shared workspace. A venue where professionals can come together to work side-by-side sharing resources, amenities, and ideas. A place on Downingtown's mainstreet, in the heart of Chester County, that truly offers a better way to work by offering people an opportunity to work2gether.  

Here's your first chance at a first look behind the sign...


Interested in becoming a member? Contact us so we can see if there is a fit.

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