What do GE, IBM, Microsoft, Spotify, Airbnb, and Salesforce have in common? If you said success, we'd award you points; but the answer we were looking for was coworking. That's right, some of the largest and most successful companies have discovered the many benefits to their employees (and therefore their bottom dollar) to moving their operations shared workspaces. Now if some of these large companies have found the value in this trend, why do you (small business owner) think you will better off going out on your own. Let's examine the two main reasons why businesses are planting their flags in coworking spaces and examine one local solution where you can plant yours.


If you have ever rented an office, you are well aware that the operating costs are much more than the rent check you write every month. After you figure in utilities, internet, printing, cleaning, furnishings, refreshments, etc., the seemingly great deal on rent can quickly double. Let's look at an example.

Let's say you found a great little space (euphemism for a hole in the wall) for $500/mo, and they are offering FREE utilities. On the surface, this is AWESOME. A great little 400 sq ft box; it even has a window. Now you can set up your business or satellite office to house yourself and potentially 2 more of your employees/coworkers. Your business finally has matured and moved out of your house and you can now proudly say you have your very own space. You are so excited designing and furnishing the perfect space; you get some new Ikea desks, storage cabinets, chairs, fridge, etc. and pound your chest because you kept under your $2,500 budget ($200/mo over 12months).

You add your Comcast internet/phone (another $150/mo), monthly printing costs (let's say $50/mo assuming you are only moderately printing and going through cartridges and paper), refreshments and cleaning (another $50, assuming you are cheap and buy cheap stuff and clean your space yourself). All of a sudden your amazing $500/mo deal has nearly doubled to $950/mo. 


However, it is not just cost that is making the aforementioned companies leap over to coworking. The intangibles that come with built-in networking far outweigh the benefits of going at it alone.  

Braintree, a credit processing company owned by PayPal, found themselves in the familiar spot of trying to figure out what to do when looking to expand. After examining a lot of office options, they felt discouraged:

“A sea of white-walled corporate offices just felt so disconnected from what our brand was about and the world our audience comes from. We wanted to find a space that was more connected to the community and would help us build our network.”

The end result? Braintree Asia Pacific now has three offices in coworking spaces. It is also why Microsoft has sent over 30% of their employees into coworking spaces across the USA. 

When you only interact with your coworkers from 9-5, you can easily get into “groupthink”, where a group of people believes a story about reality because they keep repeating it to each other.  However, when you interact with people who aren’t in your little tribe, you see other perspectives and ways of thinking that can make your own ideas much more powerful, or give new ideas altogether.

SOLUTION: Work2gether

You are good at whatever your business is (well let's hope that's true and why you started in the first place), so why don't you leave the running of your office to someone else. Work2gether is a new modern coworking space located on main street in Downingtown. With three private offices, Work2gether can give you (and up to 3 of your employees/coworkers) the benefit of private space inside of a collaborative coworking setting. You don't have to worry about furnishings, utilities, printing, internet, cleaning, refreshments and all of the intangibles; just spend your time focusing on why you are in business and leave the rest to us.

Offices can be moderately customized, come with amazing sit/stand desks, individual heating/air control, added security, increased credits for printing services and conference time, free drinks and snacks, and operate on a 12-month commitment  Check out all of the benefits of a Work2gether membership by setting up a tour and checking out the space today. 


Interested in becoming a member? Do you live in central Chester County, PA? Contact us so we can see if there is a fit.

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